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League of Friends - Charity No. 249466

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The Shop


The Shop


For many years the League of Friends has run a shop in the main mall of the hospital, just inside the main entrance on C level, to help fund projects for both patients and staff. It is run entirely by volunteers, none of whom are paid, but give their time freely. All profits go directly towards funding requests for patients, their families and staff.


We stock a wide range of food items; sandwiches, wraps, filled rolls and samosas, flapjacks, crisps, biscuits, bags of sweets, drinks and teabags. We also have toiletries, colouring books, toys, pens, and a variety of other items as well as hand knitted baby clothes which are knitted for us by a group of volunteers.


If you are interested in helping us to continue our work, please contact us by any of the ways shown on our 'About Us' page . Not only will you make a difference to the people that we aim to help, but you will also make new friends here at the hospital.